Testimonies from people who attend The Gospel Church

Cynthia writes, "Ten years ago, I had breast cancer: surgery and five years of medication. In January of 2020, I had a second recurrence. This time I had to go through 22 rounds of radiation which affected my body and mind. It really did a number on my mental and physical health, and I found myself unable to do many things that I had done before.
As I shared everything with my eldest daughter, she recommended that I move out here to Washington to allow my body to heal – she is in Klipsan. She would find me a place, etc. I was unsure whether I should move as I didn't want to be apart from my grandkids. However, I knew I had to because of the physical effects of the radiation.
Well, the place that Gina (my eldest daughter) found for me was a blessing from the Lord and confirmation that I was right where He wanted me. However, the drastic change from my life in Chicago to the much slower-paced life on the peninsula was extreme. I found myself falling into severe depression, frequently unable to even get out of bed. However, I cannot deny God's precious grace and mercy by which He helped to allow me to see His working in my life.
Four of my five children thought my moving out here to heal was a good decision, but my youngest daughter did not want me to move. She thought I was abandoning her and my grandchildren, one of whom has extreme disabilities. My daughter was angry with me and cut me off from my grandchildren.
I am estranged from her, and my heart breaks every day. I was filled with much guilt and shame about this because I started thinking I had done something wrong moving here. I wondered if maybe I did abandon them. I started to think that I wasn't a good mom or grandmother. The enemy would constantly remind me of my past sins, which had nothing to do with this, causing great confusion, shame, and guilt.
Many years ago, I had prayed and asked Father God to please teach me about the cross so that I could minister to those women He brought into my life with truth, which is life, to glorify Him. I wanted to know as much as I could about the cross so as I counseled and ministered to the women; I could point them straight to Jesus. I mention this because of its importance.
EVERYTHING CHANGED FOR ME the day I first attended service here at The Gospel Church, Long Beach. I had lost hope. God, in His sovereignty, heard my cries, and I received a postcard by mail. God compelled me to go because the sense of guilt and shame I was experiencing was debilitating.
That first Sunday, when I walked in the door, I knew the Holy Spirit was in this place. I found my seat, and Pastor Mike spoke on guilt and shame! The part of the sermon that pierced my heart was: Satan says, "if I could just make you feel guilty enough, keep you under the burden of sin, keep you weighed down with how you don't measure up, if I could just tie the noose of guilt around your neck, you'd be mine forever." Is it any wonder why he hates the message of the cross so much? Where Jesus took your burden on Himself, where He removed your sin, thereby taking the noose off you and, in essence, hung Himself with it? And in so doing, He freed you from guilt, thereby defeating Satan." It was then that the Lord revealed to me that all my pain, suffering, and grief was because I had lost sight of the cross – the Cross of Jesus Christ."